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Recycled BottleHouse spends summer at the Royal Academy of Arts


BottleHouse is a structure made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles that can be used to sustain life in remote parts of the world when natural disasters or tragedy strikes. A replica model is on display at the Royal Academy of Arts for the next three months, created by architecture and design consultancy small., which stands for Six Miles Across London Limited, where it will be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the architectural design world. 

small.’s Founder Ricky Sandhu was delighted to have been asked to exhibit at the RA as part of the annual Summer Exhibition. It’s 250 years of the RA summer show, the longest standing exhibition of its kind, where the likes of Pollock, Matisse and Leonardo da Vinci have exhibited. small. will be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest and most influential names in the art, design and architectural world taking on some of the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. “To be invited to exhibit at the Royal Academy is a huge honour; plastic pollution is a huge concern for the general public so this is a great opportunity to exhibit BottleHouse as a solution that utilises waste for good.” 

Sandhu explains that instead of a worthless empty bottle, it has in fact many inherent qualities that we can still benefit from. “By applying our skills in architectural design, engineering, construction and ocean tech, we can transform this bottle in to a building block. BottleHouse is a temporary, thermally comfortable, structurally sound shelter that can safeguard our natural habitats, marine life and our cities”.  

Sandhu’s keen sense of innovation and responsibility for the built environment was formed during his 15-year tenure at one of the world’s most cutting-edge design firms Foster + Partners, where he became one of the youngest shareholding partners. BottleHouse recently debuted at Clerkenwell Design Week and was one of the most photographed and talked about projects. The hope is that BottleHouse Hubs will one day create a global task force, employing local communities to help collect the ‘bricks of the future’, training individuals in the art of building shelters and lead to a circular economy in the plastic economy. 

The vision doesn’t stop here; small. has already begun developing further plans for greener cities including an autonomous vehicle, urban airport and an electric forecourt, all with the intention of producing zero emissions to help combat air pollution.  

The RA’s Summer Exhibition is open from 10th June – 12th August. To get involved with small. and follow its extraordinary journey, head to