Six Miles Across London Limited, small. is an agile, dynamic architectural + design consultancy that believes good design can improve the quality of life for everyone. small. offers a holistic + inclusive approach to design that brings together architects, urbanists, engineers, economists, designers, scientists, artists, civic leaders, environmentalists + stakeholders. An interdisciplinary task force that is needed to solve some of the environmental challenges our planet, our cities + our population face today and in the future.

Ricky Sandhu, Founder + Director has over 16 years experience at one of the worlds leading architectural design practices where as one of the youngest shareholding partners led some of the most complex + pioneering projects across the world. Ricky founded small. to focus on innovation in the built environment, to focus on the future of urban mobility and to ensure a brighter, healthier + more sustainable future.

About Ricky Sandhu

Ricky is a highly versatile and influential designer and takes pride in creating and being a part of something unique. Constantly seeking to make the same impact with disruptive new technology as he already has on landmark infrastructure and architectural projects with major global brands and clients. 

An innovative solution finder who is passionate about delivering ethical, sustainable contributions to the local, national and international community through his design work. Ricky firmly believes that Vision with no action is a dream and action with no vision is a nightmare.